Musée du Malgré-Tout
Musée du Malgré-Tout
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The museum organizes various symposiums and colloquiums. Some are (bi)annual, others are thematic meetings focused on a specific field.



The Ardenne-Eifel hill ranges constitute a coherent geographical and geological area spanning across four countries: Germany, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. The Current Archaeological Research in the Ardenne-Eifel meetings have been initiated in 2017 in order to create a space where researchers working on this area and the surrounding regions may communicate and exchange information. They occur every 2 years.


 Aqua Celtica

On 9th and 10th november 2018,we deepened the theme of water in Celtic times through lectures, documentaries and the discovery of the Centre de Recherche en Archéologie Fluviale (CRAF), which introduced us to the exceptional archaeological discoveries of the Caves of Han and the underwater techniques of excavation.

Colloque chasse

 Hunting in Prehistory

From the 3rd to the 7th october 1990, The Cedarc organized a international colloquium about the hunt during the Prehistory.