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Musée du Malgré-Tout
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Giant Clue

Mammouths, crimes and Cro-Magnons

marmaille 2019

Who killed the chief of the tribe ? The answer is on everyone's lips... It seems not to be a common mammouth incident. We could almost think that someone put a sharp object in his head on purpose. What a strange idea !

Dealing with the first murder in human history, your family has to investigate to discover the murderer. Is it the shaman, in the swamp, with a flint knife ? The hunter, in the tent, with a big stone ? It's your job to find out during this giant... and prehistoric cluedo !

To play from the 02nd to 08th March, no booking needed, and freely once the regular admission charge paid.

Start of the game at any time on simple request. Duration : 1 hour.