Musée du Malgré-Tout
Musée du Malgré-Tout
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Researcher spot

Access to the collections

The free access to the Musée du Malgré-Tout's collections is allowed :

  • to the BA and MA students, for their lessons or research works.
  • to the aspirants, PhD students et post-PhD students.
  • to the belgian and foreign researchers.

The access took place only on appointment and after having complete the collections access and study agreement. The request has to be send by mail at least 15 days before the researcher arrival. The completed and signed form has to to be send to Claire Bellier, Conservation Manager, by mail ( or by fax (0032 60 39 04 70) or by post (28, Rue de la Gare B-5670 Treignes). The particular requests (photographs, documents photocopies...) have to bea asked to the Conservateur Manager as well.

Access to the library

The access to the library is free for members of the support comity of the Musée du Malgré-Tout. The access request has to be done by phone or mail to Antoine Leblon, Library Manager, at least one week before the requester arrival. In the lack of a membership card, a access agreement will be sign at the borrower arrival.

Travelling exhibitions

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